Saturday, December 5, 2009

Current Obession 1 - Two Finger Rings

Lately the thing i've been digging alot lately has been two finger rings. Right now rings are a hot accessory. Cocktail rings, knuckle rings, everyone is buying them. I really like two finger rings just because I think they are different then the normal giganto rings that everyone is sporting and i'm sure everyone has seen Lauren Conrad's two finger name ring. Forever 21 has been putting out alot lately and last week I ordered about six online.

The six front I all got from Forever 21 for $3.80 each. When i'm online and looking at I usually end up putting things in my cart and then not buying them because honestly I hate paying for shipping and having to wait for the package to arrive when I could just go to the mall and get them that day. Well this particular time i'm happy I just paid for them because literally that day they were all sold out. The one in the back is my favorite and I got this one at an accessory shop called Afaze that i've found in alot of malls.

The day these arrived I yet again looked on Forever 21 and found two more dual rings ..

I quickly put the order in. these rings in particular don't completely connect on one side but i like them for that reason actually. Everytime i've worn one of the rings in the first picture i've had people ask me where I have gotten them. I have a feeling my love affair has far from ended.


  1. I'm a huge ring fan, but haven't taken the plunge when it comes to two finger rings. Are they comfortable? They sure do look cool!


    Kate Gene

  2. @Kate Gene

    I love two finger rings, you should get some!
    They do somewhat restrict your fingers but I haven't found that they are uncomfortable or restrict my fingers to the point that they are unusable.

  3. I have a 2 finger name ring from the 2 finger thing took gettign used to but now I love it. They have the best prices and selection and shipping is always free!

  4. I have the same feeling as you when I am shopping online. Most of the times, shipping is more than what I will buy and that's why I tend to give up buying that item.

  5. Hello! I saw on this that you had a nose piercing then took it out after three days. Well I just got my nose pierced 7 days ago and I need to take my piercing out for an MRI. How long did it take for your piercing to heal? I don't want mine to close and I need to put it in before It closes. Thanks(: