Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mac Haul - Apologies

Sorry again for the delay, I didnt think my flu was as bad as I thought and apparently I was wrong. This haul is a little old because I've had the products for more than a week but I wanted to share regardless.

I started my mall journey at the candy kiosk because I have a WEAKNESS for Razzles. It's a problem. They are my favorite candy item ever. Everytime I see them (which is not often) I always buy a ton and try to save them but it usually never happens. I went shopping when The Warm and Cozy and Love Lace collection came out and picked up a few things.

First is Feline kohl pencil which is just a backup. Next we have Nurture Shadestick, Equality Lustre Lipstick, Glamour for All Lipglass.
I usually never wear nudes because I can never find one that doesn't make me look like a walking zombie but this one is amazing especially paired with Glamour for all.

From the permanent line i got two blushes:

The last two which look similar in my crappy picture but I can assure you are not.
The middle is Peachykeen and the last Sunbasque (which happens to be my new favorite).

I apologize if this seems a little rushed but the boyf is on the way over and I am hungry, but this past weekend I have picked up a few (yeah right) Lush items that I will be posting next so look out for that! Night Sweetcheeks!


  1. Great haul, you're going to love Peachykeen- it was my first MAC blush and my very fave- and I love the Razzies! :P