Monday, January 4, 2010

Weekend Haul

My first haul post ... are you excited? I'm excited. Well this weekend was a long one off of work so I decided to hit up the two malls in my area. The thing about these two malls is the fact that they are five minutes away from each other which I find ridiculous.The stores that I favor in one mall aren't in the other and vice versa so essentially you have to visit both. So that means lots of driving and lots of crowds. But I braved it all anyway.

First I went to Menlo Park and picked up some minor things from Sephora and the Mac counter in Nordstrom. Then I ventured to Woodbridge Mall. Included below are also some recent CCO finds.

Included in this picture is:
1. Korres Lip Savor Roll with Pomegranate, Quince and Jasmine Lip Butter in full sizes. This was an awesome deal. A regular full size lip butter is $9.00 at Sephora and this Lip Savor Roll is $19.50.
2. Mac Stylistics Collection -  a Sheer Mystery Powder in Medium. Purely for the packaging. =) From the CCO
3. Benefit's Bright Lights Big City set that was originally $48 that I snagged for $35. I planned on getting That Gal primer and figured why not pay a couple dollars more and recieve two other full size products that I've been meaning to try.
4. Mac Spaced Out Blush from the Neo Sci-Fi collection from the CCO
5. Mac By Candlelight MSF
6. Mac Feeling Good TLC
7. Mac Utterly Frivolous from The Fafi Collection again from the CCO
8. My 1651641th EOS lip balm. Clearly an exaggeration but i've bought tons of these I keep them everywhere, my all time favorite lip balm. (as of yet).
9. Covergirl Lash Blast backup, mine is currently running low

(unboxed, hopefully you can see things a little better)

I did also pick up some rings as I have said in a previous post I am on a ring kick

Again, not the greatest of pictures but the first is my owl ring from Charlotte Russe that I'm LOVING, a stackable ring from Forever 21 follows and a charm ring from Heritage 1981. Also a Juicy Couture crown necklace that snuck its way in.

The Lush in Menlo Park was also having the cleanout sale and I managed to pick up some items (of course).
Don't have any pictures of that sadly at the moment but my room currently smells like dreams. If that was possible at all.

If there is anything you would want reviewed or swatched feel free to leave a comment below and I'll be sure to check it out.

Have a good day dollfaces!


  1. How do you like By Candlelight MSF? I've just ordered it online today and I'm so excited to get it now

  2. @Kelly .. I'm really liking it. It gives me such a soft glow, it is a little to frosty if you apply with a heavy hand but otherwise I like it alot. Let me know how you like it!

  3. Hey there, I'm a new follower!

    Lash Blast definitely rocks =D